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Admission FAQs

We accept students of all faith backgrounds as well as students who have never been to church on a regular basis.  See our Theology curriculum.

Theology classes are very engaging. We start our freshmen with a class on the basics of Christianity from a Catholic lens, moving on to Moral Theology, Scripture and finally Social Justice for our seniors. Learn more about the Theology curriculum.

Cheverus boasts a 96% acceptance rate to college with the remaining 4% either joining the military or deferring their acceptance for a gap year for service. Learn more on the College Advising page.

We highly encourage you to come for a visit with one or both parents during the application process, although it is not mandatory. Having the opportunity to visit a few classes, watch our students in action (and in dress code) and get a feel for what makes Cheverus unique is an important part of the process.

A navy or black blazer, dress pants or (for the girls) knee-length skirts, our Cheverus shirt with our logo and dress shoes. Boys wear a tie with their Cheverus shirt. See the Dress Code section of the Student Handbook for more information.


Cheverus has a dress code to encourage personal excellence among our student body. We find that when a student is dressed in proper attire, they are more prepared to take on the rigors of a Cheverus education.

The prospective student should be academically motivated. That said, the student doesn’t need to be a straight A student but, more importantly, must be willing to work at their personal highest standard. We have classes available for students at all academic levels.

The successful Cheverus student is engaged, motivated, and willing to learn. During our students’ four years at Cheverus, they embark on a journey to lead them toward truly being a Grad at Grad.

Yes. Cheverus’ Instructional Support program meets four times a week(1 elective credit) for students of demonstrated need. Cheverus also offers individual IS (no academic credit) one time per week as an additional option for our students of demonstrated need.

Cheverus High School has a Waiting List of students that is compiled throughout the admission cycle.  If a family chooses not to respond to the acceptance letter within the two-week window of time, Cheverus may offer the slot to a student on the Waiting List.

All awards are based on financial need of the family and not the athletic or academic ability of a student. All tuition assistance applications are evaluated by an independent third party, The FACTS Tuition Management Company, which makes recommendations to the Tuition Assistance Committee. 

The portal for applying for tuition assistance can be found within the family/student application for admittance and on the Admissions page, Apply to Cheverus tab, FACTS tab. 

If you already have a login for the FACTS Management site you may use that one login to facilitate both your tuition assistance application filings and tuition payment options.

The Cheverus Acceptance Package will have the Cheverus acceptance letter in it, and it will include other paperwork that is very important.  

  • MPA Form: You will need to bring to the Maine Principals Association (MPA) Transfer Waiver Approval Form to the high school in your town that your student would have attended. The principal there needs to sign your MPA Form so that your student can be released to attend Cheverus.  
  • Enrollment Contract: The Enrollment Contract needs to be completed online including the non-refundable $750 holding fee.
  • Records Release Form: This form needs to be signed by a parent and sent to the child's current school.  This will release your student's file to Cheverus once they are enrolled.  The file will not be sent to Cheveus until the end of the school year in June.

It is very important that all of these forms are signed and sent to the proper places, as your student will not be able to start school at Cheverus in the fall without them. 

Yes. For those students who pay the holding fee and complete the online enrollment contract, Cheverus considers them to be newly enrolled students.  Therefore, these students will be invited to a Cheverus basketball game with a reception prior to the game;  Cheverus Concert Night with a reception prior to the concert; and Cheverus Drama Production with a reception prior to the curtain.  These events are intended to have newly enrolled students and their families meet other Cheverus students and Cheverus families prior to the start of a new school year so they will feel welcome and part of our Cheverus school community.

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