Policies and Procedures for Application and Enrollment


Cheverus Application

Every international student must  submit a complete Cheverus application, including online applicationteacher reference, and a copy of report cards/transcripts, including the student's TOEFL score.  These documents must be submitted in English.  In addition to the Cheverus application forms, the Admissions Department must receive an current passport and photo.  In addition to the Cheverus application forms, each applicant must send a copy of a current passport and a photo to the Cheverus Admissions department.


Once the Admissions Department receives all item, the Director of Admissions and the International Program Director will conduct a Skype interview with the applicant.

Cheverus Acceptance Package

The Cheverus Acceptance Package will be sent electronically to the Agent.  This package will include:  the Director’s acceptance letter, President’s letter, instructions for the online enrollment contract, Maine Principal’s Association Letter, Maine Principal’s form, Dewar tuition insurance brochure,  Physical Exam Athletic Dept. form, and Music Questionnaire.


I-20 will be issued only when wire transfer has been made to Cheverus, in agreement with the enrollment contact, or a check payable to Cheverus High School has been submitted and received by the Cheverus Treasurer.

Homestay Family

Admissions Director Ruth Summers will work in conjunction with Cheverus International Agents and students to locate appropriate homestay families. Students should fill out the Homestay Application.

Contact information for Ruth Summers

Email: summers@cheverus.org

Cheverus High School
267 Ocean Ave
Portland ME 04103

207-774-6238 x190

Hosting an International Student

Our International Students are here to complete their high school education and continue on to college here in the U.S. thereafter.

Student hosting is for the 10-month school year. The monthly stipend for families is $1,000.

Families should expect to treat our International students as you would any other student living in your home. We work hard to find the student that will be the best fit for your family.
If you are interested in hosting one of our International Students, please fill out the Host Family Application

Amy Brown will contact you with more information.

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