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Campus Ministry Mission

Grounded in Catholic and Ignatian Tradition, Campus Ministry accompanies our students in their faith development offering them tools for their spiritual journey. Through experiences of prayer, reflection, leadership, and service, based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, we guide them toward a deeper love of self, others and God. Out of this love, we respond by being people with and for others.In the Spirit of the Gospels, we heed the call to affect change in our school, community, and world by being committed to justice. All religious and spiritual activities are designed to respect each person’s religious tradition, for the Greater Glory of God.


Student Liturgy Team
School-wide Mass
Ash Wednesday
Loyola Chapel
Thanksgiving Interfaith Service

RCIA Program

Students are asked to please contact Mr. Szkarlat if interested in preparing for the receipt of a Sacrament.


Liturgies, Sacraments & Prayer Services

Cheverus High School gathers for worship at significant points during the year.

During a regular week, the Jesuit priests of Cheverus will offer Mass each day of the school year when school is in session.   Mass begins each morning at 7:15 a.m.  On days in which we have a schoolwide service, the Mass will be held at 9:10 a.m.  To be certain, please call 207-774-6238 for the weekly schedule.

Campus Ministry provides a variety of invitations to worship. We try to create meaningful celebrations of the liturgy and to heighten awareness that Christianity and the message of Jesus are to be lived each day of our lives

During Lent, students attend reconciliation services during their Theology class which includes the opportunity for individual confession. The Jesuit priests are available on an individual basis to administer the sacrament of reconciliation. 
Masses will also be celebrated on holy days of obligation or on special feast days.  These Masses, organized by the Campus Ministry Department and the Student Liturgy Team, will be held in the Keegan Gymnasium unless otherwise indicated.

Student Liturgy Team

The Team is a group of students who coordinate our school-wide liturgies and other activities with the Campus Minister. Students from all four years are welcome, and they plan many aspects of the celebrations and projects. The purpose of the group is to involve students in the process of planning a liturgy, to educate students about what goes into putting together a liturgy, and get students involved in other areas of ministry. It is Campus Ministry's goal to maximize student participation in Cheverus' liturgical celebrations by serving as greeters, lectors, altar servers, Eucharistic Ministers, and musicians.

Upcoming Ministry Events

Academic Excellence in the Jesuit Tradition