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Serving over 450 students of diverse socioeconomic, religious and ethnic backgrounds from more than 60 communities in Maine and around the world , Cheverus provides its students a values-based education and a strong foundation for post-secondary study. 

A private day school for young men and women in grades 9 through 12, Cheverus is by practice and choice a college preparatory school in the Jesuit tradition. Cheverus encourages its students to broaden their relationship with God, to expand their own cultural, social and physical development, and to become a thoughtful and responsible lifelong participant in the Cheverus community and beyond.

Recent graduates have left Cheverus well prepared to attend schools throughout the country such as MIT, Brown, Harvard, Purdue, Boston College, Cornell, New York, Catholic and Fordham Universities, Dartmouth, The College of the Holy Cross, the Loyolas, Tufts, and the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Cheverus offers much more than four years of classroom learning. In the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis (“care of the individual”), a Cheverus education seeks to form indiviudals that are intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving and committed to doing justice. We celebrate diversity, creativity and exploration—we are home to actors and athletes, writers and artists, musicians and leaders.

Fr. Campbell Visits Bishop Cheverus in Boston

Fr. Campbell at the plaque marking the former residence of Bishop Cheverus in Boston.

Fr. Campbell on a visit to Boston stops by a plaque honoring Bishop Cheverus as the first Catholic Bishop of the Boston Diocese

I am often asked what makes Cheverus so unique. The short answer includes the facts that Cheverus is one of only three Catholic secondary schools in the state of Maine, one of only three Jesuit secondary schools in New England, the only Jesuit secondary school located in northern New England, and one of just a handful of co-ed Jesuit secondary schools across the country.”

The longer answer focuses on our Catholic and Jesuit heritage. Just what do these terms mean?

Not too long ago, some recent graduates were asked to reflect upon the Catholic, Jesuit education they had experienced at Cheverus. One graduate listed specific programs that encouraged our students to reflect on their identity and their place in the world in the light of faith. “Reflection is key,” he said. A second offered an appreciation of personal growth: “A Cheverus education allows you to be the best person you are, not who others expect you to be. You don’t change yourself,” she said. “You make yourself better.” A third named the community that forms at Cheverus. “It’s a place that demands personal growth and community growth,” he said. “Yes, we all grow individually, but we simultaneously grow as a community.”

Critical thinking. Personal excellence. Committed citizenship. These are just three of the many hallmarks that animate the Cheverus experience – an experience that is grounded on enduring principles, that demands an engagement with a changing world and that cultivates a discerning appreciation of how the things of this world reflect the God who is the source of all that is good.

(Rev.) William R. Campbell, S.J.
Cheverus High School

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