A Lifelong Love of Learning

  Ite, inflammate omnia— “Go forth and set the world on fire.”
      --  St.
Ignatius Loyola to St. Francis Xavier

The Curriculum

To develop the full potential of each individual, Cheverus designs its courses to require serious effort from each student and to meet both the developmental and educational needs of today’s young adults. To cultivate the whole student,  Cheverus offers a diverse set of courses, including Advanced Placement and Honors sections in its academic disciplines. We add to that many opportunities for rich artistic, athletic and social experiences.

By integrating advanced techniques and technologies, we focus on the Jesuit ideal of education:  formation of young men and women as lifelong learners through the Jesuit philosophy of cura personalis (translated as “care of the individual”; in practice, “educating the whole person”) -- physically, intellectually and spiritually. Confident and prepared for the future, the Cheverus student learns how to learn...and how to love learning.

The Arts

Cheverus nurtures creativity in its student artists, musicians, digital designers and thespians. The focus on arts education offers students the opportunity to perform in concerts, on stage and to showcase their talents in art exhibits throughout the year.

Clubs and Activities

To educate the whole person, Cheverus encourages its students to partake in its many co-curricular activities. Whether one's interests lie in mathematics, computers, drama, hiking, publishing or civil rights, Cheverus provides the forum for exploration. 


Physical well-being is a critical part of developing the whole person. By playing sports, students hone their physical abilities while learning valuable lessons they will use for the rest of their lives. They learn teamwork, how to focus and to prioritize, to handle pressure, to work and to play with their hearts. They also learn that playing means gracefully handling defeat as well as victory.


Cheverus High School
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