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Friday, July 29, 2016

The following list contains scholarship notices that are sent to Cheverus. See your Guidance Counselor for more information, or visit the website associated with the scholarship. International students, please visit this site, this site, this site, and consult this chart. All seniors should check the Guidance website at their local public school to see if any scholarships apply to them. Want some video on what student loans and scholarships are all about, or some advice?

DO NOT PAY to file the FAFSA. Do not pay for someone to locate scholarships for you. There is free help available at your college's financial aid office, on the web, in Cheverus' Guidance and College Advising Offices, and at FAME (Finance Authority of Maine).   

Deadlines Vary for the following scholarships

UPCOMING 2016 DEADLINES - please plan ahead and double check deadlines.

July 10 Deadline

Deadlines have passed for these 2015-2016 scholarships:

September 15

The Elizabeth Gillis Ahern and Leonard F. Ahern Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to one Cheverus senior, providing $7500 each year for four years towards college tuition. A Google form was emailed to seniors on Sept 16 inviting them to apply, and the requirements were reviewed in College Advising classes that day. 

The Bryan Cameron Scholarship for exceptional leaders. Full ride. 3.7 unweighted gpa, extensive involvement in your community/school.

Wendy's High School Heisman-students with a B average & participate in one school-sponsored sport

October 15

YoungArts: actors, dancers, designers, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, singers, songwriters, visual artists, and/or writers in grades 10-12, apply for scholarships, the US Presidential Scholars in the Arts, and an opportunity to be in HBO's MasterClass.

October 23

The Catholic Foundation of Maine "Lila Grace Sullivan Amirault Scholarship", one to a Catholic student at each of the 3 Catholic High Schools in Maine. Awards range from $1,000-3,000 and are need based, as evidenced by your filing of the FACTS financial aid application at Cheverus. Applications will be distributed during College Advising class in Sept. and the application is in your Student Google Drive, named 2015 CFM.

October 25

October 31

November 12

Essay Contest about George Washington.

December 1 Deadline

Elks National Foundation has a variety of scholarships

December 15 Deadline

 January 6 Deadline

 January 15 Deadline

January 31 Deadline

February 1 Deadline

 February 15 Deadline

  • Scholarships for Military Children for children of active personnel, reserve/guard and retired military members. Min GPA 3.0 and plan to enroll in a 4 year college or university.
  • Buick Achievers Scholarships for students intending to major in engineering and work in the automobile industry
  • National Honor Society scholarships. 
  • NIAAA Scholar/Essay Scholarship, required B+ and 24 ACT or 1500 SAT plus letter of rec from Athletic Director. See Mrs Cross in Athletics 2 weeks in advance if you are interested and view the application here.

March 1 Deadline

March 15 Deadline

  • Kohl's Cares - see your Guidance Counselor to be nominated if you've "made a positive impact in your community." Ages 6-18.
  • Rainbow Business & Professional Association scholarship for students who have those who have "worked to foster diversity and end bullying and discrimination in their schools and communities."
  • Poetry Contest for any Maine High School Student. More info here.
  • Thinking of attending one of these 140 Catholic colleges? Apply for a $1,000 scholarship from the Catholic College Admission Association.
  • Do you volunteer with older adults? Omega offers $1,000 scholarships.
  • Unitil offers 6 scholarships for those majoring in a STEM field.
  • Majoring in construction or a related trade like civil engineering, architecture? National Association of Women in Construction offer males and females scholarships ranging from $500-1500. Click here for application.

 April 1 Deadine

 April 8 Deadline

 April 20 Deadline

  • Society of Women Engineers, Maine Chapter - one $500 scholarship to a student intending to major in engineering. Here is the application.
  • Maine Driver Education Association $250 scholarship - write an essay and have a clean driving record.
  • Maine Manufacturer's Assocation offers scholarships for those majoring in manufacturing, welding, mechanical engineering and going to college in Maine. Application here.

 May 1 Deadline

 May 15 Deadline

  • The Portland Water District announces a $1500.00 scholarship for students who live in their area of coverage who intend to major in engineering, enviro studies, public health or related studies. Go to their website for criteria and application.
  • NECBAC Book Scholarship of $300 to minority students. Application required, and you must attend one of the 30 colleges on their list.
  • Maine Graphic Arts Association awards scholarships for those interested in a graphic arts or printing technology degree.

May 20 Deadline

  • Annual "Arrive Alive" Creative Contest - send a message to your peers about texting & driving
  • First generation student with financial need, leadership & service, attending one of their partner colleges, $1k scholarship.

 May 30 Deadline

  • The Maine Difference Scholarship, funded by Lamey-Wellehan, is intended to aid in the cost of attaining an education for a Maine young person studying at a Maine college or university. The focus of the student's studies should be on the ecology and economics of Maine. 
  • $5,000 scholarship: Essay Contest from Penguin Books.
  • Going to a 2 year college? Have lots of financial need (Pell eligible)? The new Horatio Alger Scholarship Program is taking applications from March 15 to June 1 for their Career & Technical Program.

June 15 Deadline 


FAFSA Night was held April 2016
Monday, April 11, 2016

All families of seniors should file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, even if you think you won't qualify. If circumstances change, you've already filed the one required form, and sometimes colleges ask for the FAFSA when awarding merit aid. Most colleges want it filed in fall of senior year, and it only becomes available on October 1 each year.

FAME Maine performs lots of outreach like this to help families navigate the often-confusing financial aid process. They will not try to sell you anything.

Couldn't make it to FAFSA Night? Get the notes here. There's a free in-depth FAFSA Guide here.

Articles about Paying for College
Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Recent press about paying for college

March 2016


Return on Investment (ROI) chart for 1200 colleges at Payscale 

Brookings Institute "Value-Added" list of colleges, based on earnings power and loan repayment


January 2016


Forbes article that lists 40 colleges who are lowering their tuition


July 2015

Money Magazine's Annual Best Colleges List with a focus on affordability and great value colleges.

May 2015

What families wish they knew about student loans from the Wall Street Journal

 November 2014

The best article on EFC -in depth info on how to figure it out based on your income (AGI), and info on the CSS Profile and FAFSA.

August 2014

Great FAQs about financial aid - a good place to start.

The best article I've seen about how (and if) home equity affects financial aid. Remember, FAFSA-only colleges like UMaine don't look at home equity. Only colleges that require the CSS Profile look at home equity, and at varying percentages.

Choosing a major, keeping in mind your earning potential, likelihood of an advanced degree being required, and the job outlook.

April 2014

"the goal of a financial aid package might be to persuade you not to come" and other things colleges don't want you to know

September 2013

How Divorce Affects Financial Aid (or, who files FAFSA?)

July 2013

If you like graphs, try this one out, measuring college cost based on family income.

September 2012

Kiplinger's Personal Finance has 7 great tips

April 2012

Time Magazine's '6 myths about financial aid'.

March 2012

Using the internet to search for scholarships: tips from USA Today newspaper

February 2012

NASDAQ article about paying someone to file your FAFSA & expensive FAFSA advice

January 2012

"What Do Students Pay for College?" report, a summary of average net prices at colleges and
universities across the country.

10 colleges where you graduate with little debt.

November 2011

Wall Street Journal examines how irrational we are when choosing colleges and offers tips on how to pay for it.

Fast Company has a compelling and eye-opening graphic about the cost of college & questions whether it's worth it.

College-Based Scholarships
Monday, February 29, 2016

Colleges often offer scholarships, in the form of merit money, to admitted students. Often, it's a combination of grades and test scores that secure a scholarship, or volunteerism or athletics. Be sure to investigate if a separate scholarship application is required. Sometimes, an admissions application is all that is required. Here are some examples.

Criteria: graduation from a Catholic high school

  1. Anna Maria College-New England Catholic High School Scholarship: $15,000 per year for four years.
  2. Assumption College 'Brother Brassard Scholarship' offers $2500 if you are admitted and graduate from a Catholic high school. Can be combined with other merit money & need based aid.
  3. Presentation College (SD) offers up to $4,000 per year for Catholic HS grads with 3.0+gpa.
  4. Regis College Presidential Catholic Scholarship: Full tuition for 4 years, must have 3.5gpa and be nominated by High School Principal.
  5. St Michael's College of Vermont Edmundite Scholarship offers $5,000 per year for four years at St Michael's.

Criteria: graduation from a Jesuit high school

  1. All 28 Jesuit colleges' merit scholarships are here. Not all require graduation from a Jesuit high school.
  2. Loyola Chicago's Jesuit Heritage Award and Marquette's offer a half-tuition scholarship to one Cheverus senior each year, for their 4 years at Loyola or Marquette. A separate scholarship application to Marquette is required. See Guidance or Cheverus College Advising to be nominated for the Loyola half-tuition scholarship (3.5, 24 ACT or 1090 SAT CR+M required).
  3. LeMoyne College Ignatian Scholarship offers $15,000 per year for four years. No separate app required.

Criteria: graduation from Cheverus high school

Attending UMO? There is a scholarship for one Cheverus graduate who will attend UMO, the Nanovic Scholarship, for $2,000 each year for four years. See Ms. Coddaire in College Advising to put your name on the list.

Criteria: a certain major

  1. STEM Major (science, tech, engineering, math) at USM Pioneers Scholarship
  2. Female Computer Major at Champlain. Ask to be nominated for this $10k scholarship.
  3. Computer Science majors: full tuition at Marist College in NY.
  4. University of Kansas SELF program for engineering & computer majors and leadership.
  5. UMaine Orono - full tuition Pulp & Paper Scholarship for engineering majors who are aware of and open to pulp & paper careers.
  6. Cooperative Education Scholarship at one of the 10 Co-Op Colleges (Drexel, Johnson & Wales, Kettering, Wentworth, RIT, U of Cincinnati, U of Toledo, Merrimack)
  7. Latin Majors: a full, 4-year scholarship to John Carroll University (Jesuit, Ohio) 
  8. Physics Majors at Marietta College (Ohio) can compete for an $18,000 award.

Criteria: High Achievers

  1. Boston University Trustee Scholarship requires a separate application & nomination from High School Principal.
  2. Northeastern's top merit award is $20,000 (& several Cheverus seniors earned it), $30,000 if you are a National Merit Semifinalist.
  3. Stonehill's top merit award is $25,000 (& several Cheverus seniors earned it).
  4. WPI's top merit award is $22,000 for #1 in the class.
  5. USM: Presidential Scholarship, $4,000. 
  6. UMO: top 5 in class rank earns the highest merit money amount of $8,000. No separate app required.
  7. University of Toledo Presidential Scholarship if 3.8GPA, 30 ACT or 1340 SAT (CR+Math): full tuition, room and board for all 4 years.
  8. Seton Hall: 27 ACT or 1200 SAT (CR+Math) and top 10% of their high school class gets reduced tuition.
  9. Simmons, a women's college in Boston, offers full tuition, room and board for 28 ACT or 1850 SAT. Competitive application process, not an automatic award.

Criteria: student from Maine or New England

  1. University of Kansas Non Resident Renewable Scholarships: KU Awards start with 3.5 GPA and 28 ACT or 1250 SAT (CR+Math).

Criteria: participation in the Junior Achievement Program

Did you participate in the JA Program at Cheverus? Some colleges offer scholarships at their school.

Criteria: participation in the FIRST Robotics Team

Worcester PolyTechnic Institute offers 2 scholarships ($20,000 and $5,000) if you compete at the New England level.

Criteria: particiption in college choral

Assumption College offers competitive vocal merit scholarships from $5,000-10,000

Tuition Break for New England Residents
Thursday, October 01, 2015

If you apply to an out-of-state public university in New England for a degree not offered in the Maine state university system, you may be eligible for a tuition break. You pay less than out-of-state rates but more than in-state tuition. Example: a meteorology degree is not offered at the Maine state university system but Plymouth State in NH and Lyndon State in VT offer the degree.

Visit the site to learn more, go straight to the majors offered to Maine students, or pick up a brochure in the College Advising Office.

In the past, Cheverus students have taken advantage of the programs at UCONN for biomedical engineering and actuarial science, UMass Amherst for social thought & political theory, URI for landscape architecture and ocean engineering, Lyndon and Plymouth for meteorology.

Completely Lost? The First Thing You Should Do!
Tuesday, September 08, 2015

How do you know if a college is too expensive for your family? Where do you start?

Colleges award money in two ways: merit scholarship or need-based aid. Some colleges award a combination of both need-based aid and merit scholarships.

Let's take an example: BC, Holy Cross, Colby, Bates and Bowdoin only award need-based aid. How do you know if you would qualify for need-based aid at these colleges? There are 2 ways to find out:

  1. Complete to find out your family's EFC or estimated family contribution. That number is very important at colleges that only award need-based aid. Have a high EFC? You might not qualify for any aid at that college, and pay the full amount. (Locate FAFSA4caster at the bottom right corner of
  2. The other way to find out if a college will award you need-based aid is to complete their Net Price Calculator, available on each college's financial aid page. If you cannot easily locate the NPC on any college's website, do a site search for the term.

What about colleges that award merit money? Again, complete the Net Price Calculator on each college's website to see how much merit money you might earn. The calculator will ask you about GPA (get that from your transcript from NetClasroom which has your cumulative GPA in the top right corner) and SAT or ACT scores.


Least Expensive Ways to Earn a Degree
Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The least expensive way to earn a college degree is to begin at community college, spend 1-2 years there, then transfer to the university or college of your choice to complete your bachelor's degree.

The next least expensive way to earn a college degree is to enroll in your in-state university and earn the degree in 4 years or less. See if you can test out of any courses or apply your AP Exam credit to any courses to shorten your stay at college. (the $90 you pay for an AP exam is much less expensive than an intro course at college that can cost thousands of dollars!)

Want to get out of Maine? New England state universities offer a tuition break program for some majors. You won't pay as low as in-state tuition, but you won't pay as much as an out-of-stater. 

Many students focus on colleges that will award them generous merit money for good grades and SAT/ACT scores. Merit money does not have to be repaid - it's not a loan - and is usually renewable for your 4 years of college.

In exchange for serving your country, the military will help you pay for college. You can serve now and attend college later, or go to college now and serve later. Look into ROTC if you want college first. Here are the ROTC sites:

  1. Air Force ROTC
  2. Army ROTC
  3. Navy & Marine Corps ROTC
Jesuit Merit Scholarships
Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Many Cheverus students wish to continue their Jesuit education at the college level. There are 28 Jesuit colleges and universities. You can find the map here, and a listing of merit scholarships offered by each of the 28 colleges here. Juniors receive a hard copy of the listing in College Advising class in March.

Note: Marquette & Loyola Chicago offer a half tuition scholarship to one accepted Cheverus senior each year, for the 4 years at the college. 

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