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  Name Title Group Contact
Helene Adams Adams, Helene Teacher Science 207-774-6238
Lorraine Aromando Aromando, Lorraine Teacher Computer Science
Amy Ashley Ashley, Amy Athletic Director Athletics & Activities
Richard Ashley Ashley, Richard Teacher History
Kerry Bishop Bishop, Kerry Administrative Finance Assistant Administrative Support
Victoria Caron Caron, Victoria Director of Guidance Guidance 207-774-6238
Laura Cholod Cholod, Laura Teacher World Languages
Rodger Cilley Cilley, Rodger Teacher English 207-774-6238
Elizabeth Coates Coates, Elizabeth Teacher English
Katherine Coddaire Coddaire, Katherine College Advising College Advising
Karen Connick Connick, Karen Main Office Secretary Administrative Support
Daniel Costigan Costigan, Daniel Assistant Principal Administration
Maureen Curran Curran, Maureen Teacher History
Stephen Dalvet Dalvet, Stephen Teacher English
Alexandra Daniello Daniello, Alexandra Constituent Information Manager Institutional Advancement
Victor DiSilvestro DiSilvestro, Victor Teacher Science
John Frisoli Frisoli, John Teacher Art
Jane Glass Glass, Jane Librarian, Webmaster Information Technology, Library 207-774-6238
Patrick Green Green, Patrick Athletic Trainer Athletics & Activities
Sean Hagerty, SJ Hagerty, SJ, Sean Teacher Theology
Bethany Hanley Hanley, Bethany Admissions Director Admissions
Davis Hartwell Hartwell, Davis Teacher History
John Harvey Harvey, John Annual Giving Institutional Advancement
Martha Harvey Harvey, Martha School Nurse Health Services
Daniel Haskell Haskell, Daniel Teacher Theology 207-774-6238
Christopher Humphrey Humphrey, Christopher Teacher Music 207-774-6238
Paul Johnson Johnson, Paul Teacher Mathematics
Jennifer Kelley Kelley, Jennifer Campus Store Manager Campus Store
Mary King King, Mary Teacher Theology
Michael Komich Komich, Michael Business Manager Administration
Mollie Kravitz-Jones Kravitz-Jones, Mollie Teacher World Languages
Rebecca Labbe Labbe, Rebecca Dining Services Manager Dining Services
Jennifer Lafrance Lafrance, Jennifer Teacher Science
Daniel LaVallee LaVallee, Daniel Teacher Mathematics
Brian Lemay Lemay, Brian Director of Physical Plant Physical Plant
Robert Levens Levens, Robert Faculty Chaplin Administration
Kathryn Little Little, Kathryn Teacher Mathematics
Alan Livingston Livingston, Alan Teacher Mathematics
Nicholas Lops Lops, Nicholas Assistant Athletic Director Athletics & Activities
Suzanne Mahar Mahar, Suzanne Teacher English
Haley Malm Malm, Haley Teacher World Languages
Christine Martin Martin, Christine Director of Special Events & Corporate Sponsorships Institutional Advancement
Kathryn McCarthy McCarthy, Kathryn Athletic Trainer Athletics & Activities
Lisa Merrill Merrill, Lisa Registrar Guidance
John Moran Moran, John Principal Administration
Shannon Morris Morris, Shannon Assistant Director of Admissions Admissions
John Mullen Mullen, John Teacher English
Gary Nielsen Nielsen, Gary Teacher Computer Science, Information Technology, Science 207-774-6238
Robert Pecoraro Pecoraro, Robert Administration
José Peralta Peralta, José Teacher Theology
Diane Piecuch Piecuch, Diane Finance Assistant Administrative Support
Cicy Po Po, Cicy Assistant Principal Administration
Alessandra Poggio Poggio, Alessandra Administrative Support
Theresa Quinn Quinn, Theresa Teacher World Languages
Brooke Reid Reid, Brooke Athletics & Activities
Joan Renger Renger, Joan Teacher Mathematics
Erika Rhile Rhile, Erika Teacher Science
Randolph Shaw Shaw, Randolph Vice President Of Instutional Advancement Institutional Advancement
Mark Smith Smith, Mark Teacher Science
Dorothy (Dot) St. Hilaire St. Hilaire, Dorothy (Dot) Accounting Manager Administrative Support
Henri St. Pierre St. Pierre, Henri Teacher Science
Kenneth Swanberg Swanberg, Kenneth Teacher Science
Gregory Szkarlat Szkarlat, Gregory Campus Minister Campus Ministry
Stuart Tisdale Tisdale, Stuart Teacher History
Susan Van Wyck Van Wyck, Susan Teacher Instructional Support
Valerie Webster Cota Webster Cota, Valerie Guidance Counselor Guidance
Carrie Wood Peabody Wood Peabody, Carrie Campus Store Manager Campus Store
Elizabeth Woodcock Woodcock, Elizabeth Leadership Gifts Officer Institutional Advancement
Jeannette Wycoff Wycoff, Jeannette Director of Communications Institutional Advancement
Hong Zhu Zhu, Hong Teacher World Languages

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