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The Cheverus High School Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee is currently accepting nominations! The Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes individuals in the Cheverus community who have competed and achieved at the highest levels in athletics, or those who have helped design, create, or advance the Cheverus tradition of athletic excellence.

Individuals inducted into the Cheverus Hall of Fame also exemplify the core values of Cheverus and serve as leading examples for others.

Nominees are selected through a nomination process by our Athletic Hall of Fame Committee and honored at the induction ceremony on April 3rd, 2019.

Cheverus has a proud tradition of State championships in baseball, basketball, football, cross-country, indoor track, outdoor track, swimming and diving, soccer, tennis, ice hockey and sportsmanship. In addition, Cheverus holds many Western Maine and Conference Championships.

Criteria and Eligibility of Election


The designed intention of the Cheverus Hall of Fame is to highlight the outstanding athletic achievements and contributions of the school’s many gifted and dedicated athletes and friends, and to aid in the support of consistent growth of the athletic department and teams.

Eligibility of Election

  1. Any former Cheverus High School student who participated in at least one year of varsity competition while attending Cheverus is eligible to be selected into the Cheverus Athletic Hall of Fame.
  2. If a former student, he/she must be a graduate of Cheverus High School.
  3. All athletes considered for election must have demonstrated outstanding athletic ability and made significant contributions while representing Cheverus in interscholastic varsity competition. Additional consideration can be given to an individual’s profession and career development, community service, and continued involvement in athletics through a higher level of competition, coaching, officiating, athletic administration or other noteworthy achievements.
  4. A second category will allow for the election of an individual who has given outstanding service to Cheverus but has not met the previous criteria.  Such individuals considered could include successful members of the coaching staff or administrative staff, members of the local media, supporters or sponsors, volunteers, or any special friend the Cheverus Athletic Department.  Any individual may be considered in this category.
  5. A third category will be for individual teams that have achieved and performed at the highest level of competition.  Each team will be treated as a single award winner.
Nomination Forms, along with supporting materials as outlined on the form, should be returned to the Athletic Hall of Fame selection committee by the nomination deadline of December 21, 2018.
There are three methods of submission:
  1. Please fill out this electronic form, or
  2. Please scan completed nomination form and supporting documentation and submit via email to:, or
  3. Please mail completed nomination form and supporting documentation to:
John W. Harvey
Office of Institutional Advancement
Cheverus High School
267 Ocean Avenue
Portland, ME 04103

Hall of Fame Inductees

William G. Curran '59
 Mollie Fitzpatrick '08
 Theresa Hendrix '10
 John Mills '67
 Angelo Salvaggio '98

Michael DeSimon '56
Michael Murphy '78
Scott Shirrell '00
Jonathan Stovall '85
James "Jimmy" Sullivan '46
John "Buddy" Sullivan '44*


The Baseball Team of '61
John "Jack" Brennan '70
Richard "Dicka" Whitmore '33* 


John P. Cimino ‘61
Santo A. Cimino ‘62
Philip “Jack” Dawson ‘52
Peter J. Foley ‘63
Ronald L. Lemieux ‘73 


Basketball Team of '48
Robert M. Napolitano ‘57
Robert Scott Perez ‘86
Walter Pochebit ‘77


Jesse Allen ‘95
Robert D. Brewer, Faculty/Coach
William E. Foley '30 *
Colin Peddie ‘81


Sean Ashley ‘86
Richard “Sonny” Conley ‘48*
Daniel Costigan ‘82
Rudy DiPietro ‘73
Pierre Arthur Harnois '44 
Gary Hoyt, Coach/Athletic Director
Christopher Jerome ‘79


James E. Honan ‘38
Brian Pettingill ‘81
Ernesto R. Salamone ‘80
Clytis J. Theriault ‘36*  
Peter Thornton ‘62


Jeffrey G. Bannister ‘64
Ian L. Crocker (‘00)
William P. Curran, Coach '36-'38, '44-'71*
Richard E. Joyce ‘61
Paul L. Sullivan ‘61
Thomas J. Thornton ‘64 

* deceased

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