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Our Second Century Vision prioritizes five key areas:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Ignatian Identity
  • Our Community
  • Our Community Home
  • Advancement & Growth

July 2019

Dear Cheverus Community,

Last spring, the Strategic Planning Committee outlined the priorities and goals for Cheverus as we enter our second century. The result was a strategic plan, Second Century Vision, and we committed ourselves to these five priorities: 

Academic Excellence

Ignatian Identity

Cheverus High School is a Community

The Cheverus Campus is our Community Home

Advancement & Growth

This is the first in a series of letters that will communicate our progress on our path forward over the next five years. At the conclusion of the 2018/19 academic year, we are pleased to report that our leadership team has made great progress in implementing steps towards fulfilling these goals. 

Here is what we have accomplished to date:

We have developed a five-year technology plan that includes a professional development rubric for faculty, expanded computer science course offerings, a plan for digital citizenship, assessment of technology investments for classroom upgrades, and a roadmap for internal technology management. This spring we launched a newly designed website. These steps are aimed at enhancing our position as one of the premier college preparatory schools in Northern New England.

Cheverus wants to attract and retain the most qualified and committed educators and staff who are shaped by a strong Ignatian identity. To that end, we have conducted a compensation analysis to establish Cheverus educator/staff baseline and reviewed current pre-tenure faculty and staff development. To enhance our Ignatian identity, we have revised our Ignatian formation program for faculty over a five-year period.  

Recognizing the importance of a strong arts program in attracting qualified students and making the Cheverus experience a richer one for all, we have created a baseline of current performing and fine arts offerings and enrollment, an initial step towards improving our arts program. 

Enrolling qualified students from all socioeconomic backgrounds and abroad is a priority for Cheverus. We have ensured our marketing materials represent the diversity of the student population and we continue to emphasize the shared faith journeys and the interfaith experiences of our students.

We continue to expand, enhance, and prioritize our Service Learning Program and this spring we started a local service immersion program in Portland. We are evaluating funding streams to sustain and expand this immersive, mission-driven experience for our students. 

We have leveraged our summer programming as a marketing opportunity through a multipronged approach that includes membership in the Maine Summer Camps organization, hosting a camp fair, multilingual marketing to Portland Public Schools, and greater data analysis of programming. 

Cheverus is a community of faith. We are called to create opportunities for reflection, discussion, and action that enrich the faith lives of our entire community. We have developed and implemented reflection and retreats for parents, alumni, and the extended Jesuit alumni network. This winter, we started a married couples retreat for faculty and staff. In addition, we have taken initial steps towards the creation of advanced and honors level courses in theology classes. Seeking connections with the Church at large, we have focused on outreach to Catholic Charities and parish youth ministries. 

A distinguishing quality of a Cheverus education is our Jesuit tradition. We have engaged the wider Jesuit educational network and expanded student and staff learning and exchange opportunities through global networking meetings and visits to regional schools. In addition, our Alumni Council is working with the Ignatian Volunteer Corps to support volunteer recruitment and extend the Ignatian formation to our entire Cheverus community, including our alumni network. 

Finally, we are engaged in conversations regarding funding of major capital, programming, and scholarship initiatives. 

We want to express our gratitude to all those who have helped us make great strides towards the goals outlined in Second Century Vision.We look forward to continuing our work together to bring this vision to life.  

For Cheverus,