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The Health Services department maintains students Health Records, assists students and staff who are not feeling well, and offers information and help with nutrition, exercise, and any other health-related issues.  Students may also refer himself/ herself or a friend with a concern over substance use.

Health Services Protocols

All accidents on the school premises or at a school function, except those requiring simple first aid (a band-aid) will be reported to a parent.  If the student needs follow-up care at their physician or at the hospital, the parent (or the designated emergency contact person) is responsible for transporting the student.  If in an extreme emergency a parent cannot be reached, the rescue unit will be called.

Each year every student's parent or guardian must update  important emergency information.  The Emergency card will be mailed home over the summer.   The form includes names and phone numbers of emergency contacts, and medical information such as allergies or chronic conditions.  WE  NEED THIS INFORMATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILD.  Please report any changes to this information to the main office as soon as they occur.

Please notify the school office if your student is ill and will not be attending school.

Students:  If at school, you feel ill, have an injury, or a health related concern: please report to the Health Office.  In order to be sure your teachers know where you are, request a pass from your teacher to go to the Health Office.  In the event a student needs to be dismissed, a parent/or/emergency contact person will need to be notified.  If a student has a car at school, it will be determined if the student is OK to drive and permission will be obtained from the parent/or/emergency contact person to allow the student to drive herself/himself home.

The State of Maine now requires verification of the childhood immunizations, signed by the student's health care provider to be included in each student's health folder. Students' health records are reviewed at the start of the school year.  Parents will be notified by mail of any needed information.

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