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The mission of the Foreign Language Program at Cheverus is to guide our students toward linguistic and cultural proficiency in Spanish or French.  Students who enroll in a spoken language encounter an additional task:  speaking in the second language. It is as improvisational as Jazz and requires as much repetition, practice, and commitment to develop the skill. Our intention is to create an interactive, safe, risk-taking environment for growth in the language. Using a variety of contexts, tools, and techniques that emphasize both oral and written expression in the target language, students are challenged to develop their proficiency.  As students move through the program, they will refine their abilities in the three areas of interpersonal communication, interpretive communication, and presentational communication  according to guidelines established by ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language).

We believe that the ability to communicate in a second language is an important asset in an increasingly diverse society and global economy.   Through the study of a second language, students encounter different ways of thinking about the world, themselves and their own culture. We hope to foster a lifelong appreciation for the beauty and diversity of languages and cultures around the world.  We agree with Charlemagne when he says, “To have another language, is to possess a second soul.”


For a complete list of the courses available, please see our Program of Studies


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Graduation Requirements


25 ½ Credits Minimum
  • English -- 4 credits *
  • Math -- 4 credits *
  • Theology -- 4 credits *
  • Science -- 3 years 
    (Global Science, Biology, Chemistry)
  • Foreign Language -- 3 years (same language)
  • History -- 3 years
    (History I, II, III)
  • Fine & Performing Arts -- 1 credit total
  • Computer Technology -- ½ credit
  • Electives -- 3 credits

* 1 credit each year 9-12

Non-Credit Requirements
  • Retreat -- each year
  • Community Service
    -- each year (Community Service page)
  • College Advising
    (grades 11 & 12)
  • Formation Seminar (grade 9)