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Alumni Volunteer Opportunities


The gift of time.

Students, faculty, and fellow alumni count on the generous volunteer support of alumni. Explore a few of the options below and contact Kelly Gendron, Director of Special Events and Corporate Relations, at 207-774-6238 ext. 113 or indicate your interests by filling out this form



The Alumni Council is a representative body comprised of 15 elected members from Cheverus’s more than 5,000 alumni. The Alumni Council promotes and encourages Alumni engagement and connectedness with Cheverus, through partnership with the Office of Institutional Advancement. As energetic ambassadors, Council members support Cheverus’s mission, vision, values and strategic direction in their work. Elections for nominees that indicate interest in the Alumni Council occur on an annual basis.

Working with the Office of Institutional Advancement, Class Agents serve as a Cheverus ambassador, promoting attendance at on- and off-campus Cheverus events, and assisting in the recruitment of additional class volunteers for Reunion Planning, Reunion Giving, special events, special campaigns, and other initiatives. The Cheverus Class Agent also represents his or her Class, individually or in concert with Co-Agents, in all aspects of Cheverus Fund support, with a sharpened focus on annual class participation in The Cheverus Fund.  

Reunion volunteers make your Cheverus Reunion happen — they take the lead with building attendance, planning fun activities, generating enthusiasm, and fundraising during their special milestone year. Alumni with class years ending in 4 or 9 are encouraged to join!

Regional engagement volunteers promote engagement in your region throughout the country, bringing local Cheverus alumni together through networking, events, and other initiatives. Volunteers may help building attendance for, or hosting events throughout Cheverus’s regional networks.

A network of career advisors who are established in various industries and locations throughout the country can have a meaningful impact on young alumni moving to new areas, or hoping to create relationships in line with their professional aspirations. Please join us if you would like to lend your professional experience and become involved in building this fulfilling volunteer opportunity.