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2020 Magis Awards Information

Save the date for our Spring Magis Award Ceremony to be held on April 2, 2020!

We invite all members of the Cheverus community to participate in the nomination process for Cheverus's highest honor. In order to qualify for a Magis Award, the nominee must be affiliated with Cheverus either as a graduate, a current or former staff member, or a former member of the Board of Trustees. There are three ways to submit a nomination:

1. Nominators can fill out and attach supporting material to this form online
2. Nominators can fill out and scan this print-ready formand email it to
3. Nominations can be sent by mail by filling out this print-ready form and sending it to:
         Cheverus High School
Office of Institutional Advancement
267 Ocean Ave
Portland, ME 04103
Attn: John Harvey '05
Nominations must be submitted or postmarked by December 13, 2019. Supplementary documents, letters of support, or any questions can be emailed to John Harvey '05, Director of Alumni Relations, in the Office of Institutional Advancement. Thank you for participating in this important Cheverus tradition!


Magis Awards


Cheverus High School stands for much more than academic achievement, athletics, and extracurricular activities. Cheverus follows the Jesuit tradition which calls for the pursuit of excellence for the purpose of more fully becoming a “person for and with others.” When Jesuits and those familiar with Ignatian tradition identify this pursuit of excellence, they use the word magis, a Latin word meaning “more.” The choice of this word exemplifies the Ignatian ideal that one can always do more to serve others and God.

Every other year, Cheverus recognizes those in its community who live according to the imperative represented by the word magis. The Magis Award honors those who have achieved excellence as “people for and with others.” Award winners may be priests, teachers, volunteers with the sick or poor or might have spent their entire lives with the needy in a foreign country. They might be counselors, nurses, or doctors, or they might also be business owners who recognize the dignity of their employees, lawyers who defend the powerless, or philanthropists who give their fortunes to the needy and helpless. Regardless of what careers they have chosen, their lives must demonstrate that they have acted as “people for and with others” at the highest level.

Magis Award Honorees

  • William G. Downes, Class of 1947
  • Kyle J. Milliken,* Class of 1998
  • David D. Pearce, Class of 1968
  • Peggy A. Cianchette, Parent '02, '06, '07, '10, Trustee
  • Richard "Dickie" M. Nee,* Class of 1976 , Parent '02, '04, '07, '09, '11

  • Dr. Leo J. McDermott, Class of 1925
  • Dr. Stanley R. Liberty, Class of 1961
  • James A Ward, Class of 1963
  • Mary T. Honan, Former Board of Trustees
  • Mark D. LaPointe, Class of 1959
  • Maj. Charles J. Loring*, Class of 1937
  • Kevin J. Haley, Class of 1987
  • John M. Kerry, Class of 1982
  • John E. Marston, Class of 1965
  • Dr. Patrick H. Rombalski, Class of 1982
  • Stephen D. Goudey*, Class of 1970 
  • Earle E. Hannigan, Class of 1953
  • Daniel J. Honan, Class of 1978
  • Arthur B. Ledue, Class of 1950
  • Timothy E. Burton, Class of 1977
  • Richard M. Charette, Class of 1965
  • Francis E. Myatt, Class of 1953
  • Robert S. Nanovic, Board of Trustees 
  • John J. O’Leary*, Class of 1965
  • Kevin W. Concannon, Class of 1959
  • Joseph F. Boulos, Class of 1964
  • Stephen A. Barber, Class of 1973
  • Mary E. Campbell, Teacher
  • Anthony “Pat” Carey, Class of 1966
  • Steve Jerome, Class of 1967
  • Edward Leo Manning, Class of 1941
  • Michael J. Tarpinian, Class of 1969


* deceased