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2018 Art Show Winners


Last week, the first floor of Loyola Hall was filled beautiful student artwork displayed for the Annual Cheverus Art Show. L. Guo ’20 was recognized with top honors for his 3D multimedia artwork. Guo has his eyes set on attending Rhode Island School of Design for college. Classmate D. Niedermeyer, ’20 placed second with her decorated mask.  Other winners include: 3rd place – J. Jiang ’18; Students Choice – E. Gallant  ’20Stained Glass – E. Poulin ’18. Congratulations! 



Congratulations, Students: Honor Roll for Semester 1

February 04, 2018
By Cicy Po

Congratulations to our honor roll students. We commend you for your hard work and encourage you to continue to endeavor in your scholastic efforts. We'd like to recognize the following students for their academic achievement in semester 1.

High Honors are awarded to those students who earn all A’s for semester grades.

Honors are awarded to those students who have attained a 3.0 average or better and do not have any grades below a C+ among their semester grades.


High Honors:  Victoria Bossong, Neve Cawley, Ella Cimino, Ella Davie, Margaret Earley, William Herman, Miryam Keller, Mari-beth Leavitt, Nolan Sanborn, Sophie Schuele, and Tellie Stamaris.


Austin Bergeron, Shawnee Berke, Nicholas Bither, Helena Bolduc, Jennavieve Booth, Fischer Bourassa, Caleb Cholod, Nathan Cook, Ethan Corcoran, Liam Doherty, Madisyn Durgin, Elizabeth Earley, Giovanni Fornaro, Nicolas Giancotti, Claire Hanley, Michael Hartmann, Jackson Header, John Hight, Christopher Hoffman, Nicholas Hutton, Evangelo Kapothanasis, Brooke Keenan, Donald Mahoney, Colin Micucci, Dylan Morrison, Callaghan Oliver,Grace O'Mara, Marie-Claire Owens, Anthony Pacitti, Brimwin Peabody, Luciana Pirone, Matthew Pollini, Ava Rausch, Mackenzie Turner, Colby White, Danielle Whyte, and Isabella Zografos.


High Honors: Harrison Bell, Sarah Cummings, Nicholas Galeucia, Emma Gallant, Daniel Haskell, Quinton Hastings, Ethan Hunt, Nathan Jacobs, Lauren Jordan, Tyson Matthews, WilliamMullen, Julia Ryan, Matthew Scanlon, Maeve Swift, Jack Tracy, and Madeline Williams.

Honors: Joseph Baur, Samantha Belaire, Emily Broome, Gavin Callahan, Chase Cameron, Christopher Cimino, Elizabeth DuDevoir, Emma Dyer, Grace Elwell, Aisling Flaherty, Nicholas Galli, Ethan Goodman, William Gordon, Keegan Haley, Alexandra Hammond, Ethan Hammond, Maximilian Hillgraf , Benjamin Hoyt, Anna Humphrey, Luke Knowles, Emma Levesque, Jamison Levine, Erin Libby, Michael Luna, William Ly, Joseph Macaluso, Kristina Matkevich, Myles Moore, Mikiya Morin, Daniella Niedermeyer, Quinn Olore, Collin Rodrigue, Matthew Sarapas , Michael Scannell, Grace Shimansky, Caroline Taylor, Aidan Treutel, Jackson Wilson, and Jackson Woodleigh.


High Honors:  Caroline Arpin, Alexander Baur, Annesley Black, Lawrence Bossong, Jennifer Christensen, Colten Dumond, Evelyn Hanley, Mary Jerome, Richard Joyce, Dennis Kalloor, Tanner Laflamme, Caitlin McCutcheon, Maeve McGarrity, Sydney Michelson, Madison Mitchell, Grace Morrisseau, Julia Mount, Michael Nason, Vipul Periwal, Aidan Thomas, Emma White, and Andrew Young.

Honors:  Arianna Arguedas, Briley Bell, Isabella Booth, Ryan Breece, Alexander Brewer, Emily Bridge, Alexander Caron, Anna Caron, Caleb Carter, Patricia Ciampi, Patrick Corcoran, Andrew DeGeorge, Nolan Doherty, Matthew Duchaine, Mary-Kate Earley, Abby Enck, Ryan Flaherty, Gwendolyn Freeman, Hannah Galeucia, Madison Geiger, Marcel Haley-Read, Tholia Hallett, Cameron Harris, Haylee Hinkle, Samuel Holbrook, Margaret Keating, Margaret Kelly, Joseph LaBrecque, Nathaniel Lapoint, Nina Le, Michael Manetti, Zoe Mazur, Findley McLain, George Mitchell, Connor Morrison, James Mullen, Grace Parello, Michaela Philbrook, Julia Pilk, Eliot Pomerleau, Sophia Pompeo, Mia Pothier, Justin Ray, Nathan Scott, Ngoc Tran, Phineas Underwood, Jacqueline Vallee, Abigail Vaughan, Samuel White, Emily Zografos, and Yihang Zou.


High Honors: Evan Bergeron, Robert Bossong, Zachary Broome, Elliana Budri, Michael Cawley, Perrin Conant, Zhelin Dong, Connor Galardo, Sean Greatorex, Kathryn Griffiths, Rachael Haskell, Mackenzie Johnston, Zhifu Liu, Binyu Long, Anna Olore, Alexis Pathwick-Paszyc, Isabella Santoro, Sean Scanlon, Griffin Watson, Siming Yin, and Mengyuan Zhang.

Honors: Benjamin Adams, Olivia Adams ,David Amoroso, Rose Christine Anastacio, Molly Arey, Anthony Balko, Benjamin Bellantoni, Colby Benway, Delphi Bourassa, Katie Boynton, Megan Caruso, Abby Cavallaro, Brian Conti, Tobias Ephron, Molly Flaherty, Caroline Ford, Patrick Griffin, Eva Griffiths, Teagan Guenther, Jason Halvorsen, Caitrin Hand, Jacob Harrison, Michael Hatch, Elizabeth Hodgkins, Jackson Humphrey, Zhengxuan Jiang, Michaela Jordan, Kathryn Kane, Sophia Kruse, Tucker Landry, Brian Le, Mallory Leighton, Samantha Lewis, Kevin Ly, Kathleen Meserve, Celia Migliaccio, Karen Nielsen, Julia Pomerleau, Emme Poulin, Anna Sanders, Katherine Sessler, Will Shibles, Anna Smith, Katherine Sprague, Michaela Ta, Sara Taylor, and Siena Zerillo.

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