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Do You Want to Improve Your Test-Taking Skills?

November 11, 2018
By Victoria Caron

Cheverus will offer a two-part workshop -- Taking Tests with Confidence -- during Community Periods on Wednesday, November 28, and Wednesday, December 5.

Our presenter, Eric Johnson, M.S., has been a test prep tutor for more than 18 years and had a private counseling practice working with teens and adults. He worked for a national test preparation company for three years before founding his own business. Eric is more than a test prep coach: he understands the psychology of test-taking and knows how to help people with very different learning styles. He knows how to help students overcome test anxiety and other challenges that can act as roadblocks to success.

Space is limited and priority is given to students in grades 9-11. If you are interested in attending, click here to submit this form no later than Wed., Nov. 14.  You be notified of your workshop enrollment by Friday, Nov. 16.

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NHS Applications are Due October 31

September 24, 2018
By Ms. Van Wyck

The application process for membership to the National Honor Society is now open to Juniors and Seniors who meet the criteria as stipulated in the application.  Students should check their Cheverus email for details about the NHS qualifications and the code to join the Google classroom for the application. All application materials are due by October 31. Please contact Ms. Van Wyck with any questions.

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Congratulations, Students: Honor Roll for Semester 2

June 28, 2018
By Cicy Po

Congratulations to our honor roll students. We commend you for your hard work and encourage you to continue to endeavor in your scholastic efforts. We'd like to recognize the following students for their academic achievement in semester 1.

High Honors are awarded to those students who earn all A’s for semester grades.

Honors are awarded to those students who have attained a 3.0 average or better and do not have any grades below a C+ among their semester grades.

Grade 12

High Honors:  Olivia Adams, Colby Benway, Robert Bossong, Zach Broome, Finn Cawley, Perrin Conant, Brian Conti, Colin Dong, Tobias Ephron, Connor Galardo, Sean Greatorex, Eva Griffiths, Kathryn Griffiths, Rachael Haskell, Kat Kane, Anna Olore, Sean Scanlon, Will Shibles, Griffin Watson, Zoe Yin, Siena Zerillo, Mike Zhang.

Honors: Ben Adams, David Amoroso, Rose Christine Anastacio, Molly Arey, Anthony Balko, Ben Bellantoni, Delphi Bourassa, Katie Boynton, Elliana Budri, Abby Cavallaro, Luc Dionne, Molly Flaherty, Caroline Ford, Patrick Griffin, Teagan Guenther, Jason Halvorsen, Caitrin Hand, Jake Harrison, Michael Hatch, Libby Hodgkins, Jackson Humphrey, Jackson Jiang, Ethan Johnson, Mackenzie Johnston, Michaela Jordan, Adrianna Knight, Sophia Kruse, Tucker Landry, Brian Le, Sam Lewis, Hansen Li, Gary Liu, Binyu Long, Paul Lussier, Kevin Ly, Jesse Matthews, Taylor McDermott, Kathleen Meserve, Celia Migliaccio, Taylor Morrisseau, Alexis Pathwick-Paszyc, Emme Poulin, Anna Sanders, Isabella Santoro, Kate Sessler, Anna Smith, Michaela Ta, Sara Taylor, Ashley Turner.

Grade 11

High Honors: Arianna Arguedas, Caroline Arpin, Alex Baur, Annesley Black, Lawrence Bossong, Nolan Doherty, Colt Dumond, Hannah Galeucia, Mary Jerome, Richard Joyce, Dennis Kalloor, Meg Kelly, Tanner Laflamme, Caitlin McCutcheon, Sydney Michelson, Madison Mitchell, Grace Morrisseau, Julia Mount, Michael Nason, Vipul Periwal, Julia Pilk, Aidan Thomas, Emma White, Andrew Young.

Honors: Briley Bell, Bella Booth, Ryan Breece, Alex Brewer, Emily Bridge, Anna Caron, Caleb Carter, Jennifer Christensen, Patsy Ciampi, Patrick Corcoran, Drew DeGeorge, Matt Duchaine, Mary-Katte Earley, Abby Enck, Ryan Flaherty, Gwen Freeman, Maddie Geiger, Tommy Gordon, Marcel Haley-Read, Tholia Hallett, Evelyn Hanley, Cam Harris, Haylee Hinkle, Sam Holbrook, Nathaniel Lapoint, Nina Le, Michael Manetti, Maeve McGarrity, Finn McLain, Connor Morrison, Jack Mullen, Hayden O'Donnell, Michaela Philbrook, Eliot Pomerleau, Sophia Pompeo, Mia Pothier, Nathan Scott, Rosie Train, Phineas Underwood, Jackie Vallee, Abby Vaughan, Mary Wallace, Will Zidle, Nora Zou.

Grade 10

High Honors: Chase Cameron, Sarah Cummings, Nick Galeucia, Dan Haskell, Ethan Hunt, Nathan Jacobs, Lauren Jordan, Caitlin Kennedy-Jensen, Ty Matthews, Will Mullen, Julia Ryan, Jack Tracy, Maddie Williams.

Honors: Joe Baur, Samantha Belaire, Harrison Bell, Emily Broome, Gavin Callahan, Haley Caron, Jack Chaput, Chris Cimino, Griff Donovan, Caty DuDevoir, Emma Dyer, Grace Elwell, Brendan Fedrizzi, Aisling Flaherty, Emma Gallant, Nick Galli, Liuming Guo, Keegan Haley, Alex Hammond, Quinton Hastings, Max Hillgraf, Anna Humphrey, Luke Knowles, Emma Levesque, Jay Levine, Michael Luna, Billy Ly, Joe Macaluso, Kristina Matkevich, Myles Moore, Miki Morin, Dani Niedermeyer, Matt Sarapas, Matthew Scanlon, Graci Shimansky, Maeve Swift, Caroline Taylor, Aidan Treutel, Jackson Wilson, Jack Woodleigh.

Grade 9

High Honors: Austin Bergeron, Victoria Bossong, Neve Cawley, Ella Davie, Jackson Header, Will Herman, John Hight, Mia Kratzer, Brim Peabody, Sophie Schuele, Tellie Stamaris, Dani Whyte.

Honors: Rustam Ahmadov, Shawnee Berke, Nicholas Bither, Helena Bolduc, Fischer Bourassa, Kurt Bower, Caleb Cholod, Ella Cimino, Nate Cook, Ethan Corcoran, Declan Danzig, Paige DeGeorge, Liam Doherty, Madisyn Durgin, Liz Earley, Maggie Earley, Gio Fornaro, Grace Foster, Nick Giancotti, Claire Hanley, Mike Hartmann, Chris Hoffman, Nick Hutton, Evangelo Kapothanasis, Brooke Keenan, Miryam Keller, Emma Langevin, MB Leavitt, Donald Mahoney, Teddy Michaud, Colin Micucci, Dylan Morrison, Grace O'Mara, Callaghan Oliver, MC Owens, Anthony Pacitti, Lucy Pirone, Matthew Pollini, Ava Rausch, Nolan Sanborn, Joseph St. John, Mackenzie Turner, Colby White, Bella Zografos.


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Get Ahead with Summer Courses -- Register Online

April 08, 2018
By Jane Glass


Loyola Scholars offers summer programs for enrichment, immersion experiences, and classes for academic credit for incoming and current Cheverus students.

Click here to register.

Summer Classes


Introduction to Coding **

July 2-13*, M-F, 8:00-11:00 a.m.,  ½ credit, Grades 9-12 -- $300

Learn the basics of how computer programs work -- even if you’ve never done any programming before! Students in this hands-on course will use online coding tools like MIT’s Scratch to learn programming concepts in an interactive environment. Students will learn the fundamentals of computer science via Python programming language, including variables, user input, control structures, functions with parameters and return values, and basic graphics. Students explore sample programs, solve problems, and complete challenging projects. 

Pottery **

July 2-13*, M-F, 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.,  ½ credit, Grades 9-12 -- $300 plus $50 lab fee

Exploring functional and sculptural aspects of ceramics, students will work with mid-fire range clay bodies using primarily hand building techniques with an introduction to wheel throwing. Hand building skills include pinch, coil and slab pot making. Students will be exposed to elementary wheel throwing techniques such centering, throwing, trimming. Dip glazing and various subtractive decorative surface techniques for finishing work will end the session. There is an additional art lab fee of $50.

Writing the College Application Essay

August 13-16, M-Th, Rising Seniors (Class of 2019) -- $200
Session 1: 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. (limit 12 students)
Session 2: 12:30-2:30 p.m. (limit 12 students)

This four-day course allows rising seniors the opportunity to take the time to formulate and reflect upon one of the most significant pieces of writing they will produce as a high school student. What better time to formulate an essay without the pressure of an early action or early decision deadline looming. Your transcript and resume provide college admissions officers with all of your stats -- GPA, classes, clubs, awards, etc. -- but how do they find out about you? This workshop will assist you in writing an essay which reflects your own unique story.  We'll work on mechanics (grammar, sentence structure, proofreading!) but focus on the content of what you have to say.  Write an essay that makes a lasting impression -- of you!

Click here to register.

* no class on July 4
** Qualifies for Academic Credit at Cheverus

Summer Enrichment for Class of 2022

July 16-27, M-F, 7:45 a.m.-noon,  incoming 9th graders -- $300

High School Preparation

Cheverus’ Summer Enrichment Program provides students with a feel for the demanding expectations of a college preparatory school like Cheverus. All the faculty members of the enrichment program are teachers at Cheverus High School during the academic year. This program is geared to give a two-week orientation of what is to be expected of our incoming freshmen with the core classes of Reading, Writing, and Math. Cheverus teachers will focus on executive function, study skills and academic foundation skills that will allow you to hit the ground running on day one! In math, you will be prepared for your enrollment in Geometry or Algebra. In English, you will focus on developing writing skills and reading for content.

Summer Enrichment Highlights

Daily Academic Classes:

  • Critical Reading with Mr.  Dalvet (English Department at Cheverus)
  • Writing with Ms. Mahar (English Department at Cheverus)
  • Mathematics with Ms. Little (Math Department at Cheverus)
  • Organizational Skills and Cheverus 101 with Mr. Peralta (Theology Department at Cheverus)


Students participating in the summer enrichment program must attend both weeks of the two-week session. Loyola Scholars are expected to be on time for an assembly every day at 7:45 a.m. each morning that the program is in session. The regular dismissal happens at 12:00 p.m.


Jose Peralta --
Kathy Little --, or,
Cheverus Main Office at 207-774-6238

Click here to register.

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Congratulations, Students: Honor Roll for Semester 1

February 04, 2018
By Cicy Po

Congratulations to our honor roll students. We commend you for your hard work and encourage you to continue to endeavor in your scholastic efforts. We'd like to recognize the following students for their academic achievement in semester 1.

High Honors are awarded to those students who earn all A’s for semester grades.

Honors are awarded to those students who have attained a 3.0 average or better and do not have any grades below a C+ among their semester grades.


High Honors:  Victoria Bossong, Neve Cawley, Ella Cimino, Ella Davie, Margaret Earley, William Herman, Miryam Keller, Mari-beth Leavitt, Nolan Sanborn, Sophie Schuele, and Tellie Stamaris.


Austin Bergeron, Shawnee Berke, Nicholas Bither, Helena Bolduc, Jennavieve Booth, Fischer Bourassa, Caleb Cholod, Nathan Cook, Ethan Corcoran, Liam Doherty, Madisyn Durgin, Elizabeth Earley, Giovanni Fornaro, Nicolas Giancotti, Claire Hanley, Michael Hartmann, Jackson Header, John Hight, Christopher Hoffman, Nicholas Hutton, Evangelo Kapothanasis, Brooke Keenan, Donald Mahoney, Colin Micucci, Dylan Morrison, Callaghan Oliver,Grace O'Mara, Marie-Claire Owens, Anthony Pacitti, Brimwin Peabody, Luciana Pirone, Matthew Pollini, Ava Rausch, Mackenzie Turner, Colby White, Danielle Whyte, and Isabella Zografos.


High Honors: Harrison Bell, Sarah Cummings, Nicholas Galeucia, Emma Gallant, Daniel Haskell, Quinton Hastings, Ethan Hunt, Nathan Jacobs, Lauren Jordan, Tyson Matthews, WilliamMullen, Julia Ryan, Matthew Scanlon, Maeve Swift, Jack Tracy, and Madeline Williams.

Honors: Joseph Baur, Samantha Belaire, Emily Broome, Gavin Callahan, Chase Cameron, Christopher Cimino, Elizabeth DuDevoir, Emma Dyer, Grace Elwell, Aisling Flaherty, Nicholas Galli, Ethan Goodman, William Gordon, Keegan Haley, Alexandra Hammond, Ethan Hammond, Maximilian Hillgraf , Benjamin Hoyt, Anna Humphrey, Luke Knowles, Emma Levesque, Jamison Levine, Erin Libby, Michael Luna, William Ly, Joseph Macaluso, Kristina Matkevich, Myles Moore, Mikiya Morin, Daniella Niedermeyer, Quinn Olore, Collin Rodrigue, Matthew Sarapas , Michael Scannell, Grace Shimansky, Caroline Taylor, Aidan Treutel, Jackson Wilson, and Jackson Woodleigh.


High Honors:  Caroline Arpin, Alexander Baur, Annesley Black, Lawrence Bossong, Jennifer Christensen, Colten Dumond, Evelyn Hanley, Mary Jerome, Richard Joyce, Dennis Kalloor, Tanner Laflamme, Caitlin McCutcheon, Maeve McGarrity, Sydney Michelson, Madison Mitchell, Grace Morrisseau, Julia Mount, Michael Nason, Vipul Periwal, Aidan Thomas, Emma White, and Andrew Young.

Honors:  Arianna Arguedas, Briley Bell, Isabella Booth, Ryan Breece, Alexander Brewer, Emily Bridge, Alexander Caron, Anna Caron, Caleb Carter, Patricia Ciampi, Patrick Corcoran, Andrew DeGeorge, Nolan Doherty, Matthew Duchaine, Mary-Kate Earley, Abby Enck, Ryan Flaherty, Gwendolyn Freeman, Hannah Galeucia, Madison Geiger, Marcel Haley-Read, Tholia Hallett, Cameron Harris, Haylee Hinkle, Samuel Holbrook, Margaret Keating, Margaret Kelly, Joseph LaBrecque, Nathaniel Lapoint, Nina Le, Michael Manetti, Zoe Mazur, Findley McLain, George Mitchell, Connor Morrison, James Mullen, Grace Parello, Michaela Philbrook, Julia Pilk, Eliot Pomerleau, Sophia Pompeo, Mia Pothier, Justin Ray, Nathan Scott, Ngoc Tran, Phineas Underwood, Jacqueline Vallee, Abigail Vaughan, Samuel White, Emily Zografos, and Yihang Zou.


High Honors: Evan Bergeron, Robert Bossong, Zachary Broome, Elliana Budri, Michael Cawley, Perrin Conant, Zhelin Dong, Connor Galardo, Sean Greatorex, Kathryn Griffiths, Rachael Haskell, Mackenzie Johnston, Zhifu Liu, Binyu Long, Anna Olore, Alexis Pathwick-Paszyc, Isabella Santoro, Sean Scanlon, Griffin Watson, Siming Yin, and Mengyuan Zhang.

Honors: Benjamin Adams, Olivia Adams ,David Amoroso, Rose Christine Anastacio, Molly Arey, Anthony Balko, Benjamin Bellantoni, Colby Benway, Delphi Bourassa, Katie Boynton, Megan Caruso, Abby Cavallaro, Brian Conti, Tobias Ephron, Molly Flaherty, Caroline Ford, Patrick Griffin, Eva Griffiths, Teagan Guenther, Jason Halvorsen, Caitrin Hand, Jacob Harrison, Michael Hatch, Elizabeth Hodgkins, Jackson Humphrey, Zhengxuan Jiang, Michaela Jordan, Kathryn Kane, Sophia Kruse, Tucker Landry, Brian Le, Mallory Leighton, Samantha Lewis, Kevin Ly, Kathleen Meserve, Celia Migliaccio, Karen Nielsen, Julia Pomerleau, Emme Poulin, Anna Sanders, Katherine Sessler, Will Shibles, Anna Smith, Katherine Sprague, Michaela Ta, Sara Taylor, and Siena Zerillo.

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