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2018 Art Show Winners


Last week, the first floor of Loyola Hall was filled beautiful student artwork displayed for the Annual Cheverus Art Show. L. Guo ’20 was recognized with top honors for his 3D multimedia artwork. Guo has his eyes set on attending Rhode Island School of Design for college. Classmate D. Niedermeyer, ’20 placed second with her decorated mask.  Other winners include: 3rd place – J. Jiang ’18; Students Choice – E. Gallant  ’20Stained Glass – E. Poulin ’18. Congratulations! 



Message from the President

November 29, 2017
By Jeannette Wycoff


November 27, 2017

Cheverus High School is aware of the grand jury indictment, extradition, and pending arraignment of Mr. James Talbot in Portland in Unified Criminal Court. James Talbot was employed by Cheverus High School from 1980-1998, and was removed from employment after the revelation of sexual abuse of a minor. That revelation was  a very sad and troubling part of our history, and one that compelled us to increase our vigilance in preventing sexual abuse.

Today, Cheverus has in place rigorous screenings and criminal background checks, state-mandated Maine Department of Education fingerprinting, mandatory sexual abuse prevention training, as well as a code of conduct for all employees, and a protocol for students to report allegations.

Cheverus has implemented all of these measures in order that the school may respond promptly to inappropriate behavior, breaches in policy, allegations, and suspicions of child sexual abuse. We work vigorously to ensure a safe environment for all students, faculty, and staff.

These measures are in place to prevent sexual abuse at this school, but they can not erase the pain and suffering experienced by the victims of sexual abuse. We will continue to pray for all victims of sexual abuse and offer support to bring healing to these victims of egregious acts.

CONTACT:   Jeannette Wycoff, Director of Communications; (207) 774-6238 ext. 186;




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