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Henri St. Pierre

Henri St. Pierre
Henri St. Pierre
Employed Since: 9/1/1985
33 Years Experience At School
  • BS, University of Maine -- Farmington

Mr. St. Pierre is a beloved science educator who challenges students to engineer and design based on physics principles in his classroom. He meets the students where they are and opens for them a world of possibility. Always looking to grow, Mr. St. Pierre is a frequent attendee at conferences across the country. At the Limestone STEM Educators conference, he outblasted his competition at the Loring Air Force Base with his rocket design. He is a founder of a monthly science educators get-together at Bates College and frequently brings back equipment from Bates for use by our students. He presents and brings his "cool" physics stuff to the STEM collaboratives in Falmouth.  In the fall, he taught his group how to make a homemade Van Der Graff Generator.

Academic Excellence in the Jesuit Tradition