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The Vision Behind Immersion Experiences:

Cheverus High School Campus Ministry immersion programs offer intentional experiences of encounter. Immersion participants become “contemplatives in action.” Before, during and after trips, students are led through deep reflection so that they might better discern ways to actively engage with the world. The vision behind these trips is grounded in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and made concrete in the documents and wisdom contained within our Jesuit tradition.

Upcoming Service & Immersion Trip Opportunities

Campus Ministry is excited to announce that we are resuming our service and immersion experience with opportunities in the spring. We are encouraging students to discern their interest in the near future.  A group from Cheverus will attend the Arrupe Leaders Summit in Maryland and we will host a Portland Immersion trip in March.

ISN Arrupe Leadership Summit, 
February 17-19

The ISN Arrupe Leaders Summit invites emerging student leaders from high schools and parishes nationwide to deepen their understanding of “a faith that does justice,” share ideas and resources for social justice programming, and become empowered to effect positive social change in their local and global communities.

Throughout the program, students explore leadership through the life of Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ. Students are given ample opportunities to share social justice programming ideas and make connections with fellow social justice leaders from around the country. We will be attending the Arrupe Leaders Summit in Sparks, Maryland (outside Baltimore) from February 17-19. The conference costs $250 plus airfare.  Please fill out this survey to indicate interest and learn more.

Cheverus Urban Plunge, 
March 19-22

The Cheverus Urban Plunge, March 19-22,  is a simple-living immersion experience.  Participants will learn deeply about many social issues, such as: poverty, addiction, homelessness, healthcare, and immigration. The Urban Plunge is a hands-on retreat. Our days will be a combination of service work, listening to personal stories, taking part in experiential learning activities, reflection, and prayer.  Participants will be required to take part in after-school preparation meetings and a reunion later in the spring.

Participants will earn all mandated community service hours for your school year. Taking part in the Urban Plunge will cost a fee. In the past this has been between $150-$300. Financial Aid may be available upon request. Students who attend will be expected to volunteer at the Cheverus Craft Fair on December 3, where we will be fundraising and advertising our immersion experiences. Please complete this survey to indicate interest and learn more.

Ignatian Teach-In For Justice 

Washington, DC

At The Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice (IFTJ) Cheverus students have the chance to learn from other young people from Jesuit high schools and universities, who are practicing using their voice in the public arena. Powerful keynote speakers and interactive break-out sessions inspire and inform students about numerous and complex justice issues.  The conference culminates in a visit to one of our elected officials, here students articulate, in person their values and vision of a better world.

The Teach-In has inspired many projects and initiatives within our community, likewise individual participants expand their self understanding, stepping more responsibly into their role as a citizen and finding ways to put their faith into action.  A jam packed whirlwind weekend, this trip is an exercise in hope and courage.


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Ways to Give

To support the Campus Ministry Immersion Program at Cheverus, please fill out the secure gift form below. Feel free to contact Elizabeth Woodcock, Director of Leadership & Annual Giving, at (207) 774-6238 ext. 183 with any questions you may have.  Cheverus is a registered 501(c)(3) organization of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts to Cheverus constitute a deductible contribution as allowed by law. Thank you for supporting today's Cheverus students to be people for and with others through your gift.

Mindful that sometimes service immersion programs may have harmful unintended consequences, the Campus Ministry Team is committed to each stage of the "Pastoral Circle" model of social analysis and action. We continually evaluate our programs checking that we do not unwittingly perpetuate cycles of inequality, injustice, or paternalism.