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Student Retreat Program

This is an overnight retreat held at Cheverus the second week of October.  The retreat centers on the ideals of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  Talks are given by seniors entitled “Why Are You Here”, “Who Am I” and “God’s Love”.  A guest speaker gives a talk entitled,  “You Don’t Know Me, Until You Know Me.”  It is a time for personal reflection and a time to build community with their class through small group activities, reflection, games and activities.  The next morning the students participate in a community service day ending the retreat by witnessing what it means to be a person with and for others.

The retreat begins with the 7:15 a.m. Mass held in the Cheverus Chapel. The Sophomore retreat focuses on relationships, especially friendships. Through the experience of a guided meditation, a variety of trust exercises and rock climbing, the sophomore is challenged to recognize the risk and task involved in friendships and how discipline, trust, goal setting, and cooperation can help them to overcome obstacles to a mature relationship with others and with God. By sharing their own experiences and growth, seniors act as peer ministers to their fellow students. The day ends with reflecting on their experiences of the day. Sophomore retreats are in February and students attend with their Theology class.

The retreat begins with the 7:15 a.m. Mass held in the Cheverus Chapel.  This retreat is an opportunity to reflect on your journey.  It is a time to reflect on who is accompanying you (family/friends) and the response you have to them.  Your reflection may offer you insight to discern how to respond to your relationships, choices, decisions, and activities.   Junior retreats are held during September and October. Students attend with their Theology class.

The following options are given to seniors:

  • Social Justice: A day of reflection surrounding issues of fairness, justice and injustice. The retreat begins with the 7:15 a.m. Mass held in the Cheverus Chapel. The students experience the plight of the poor by doing service at the Preble Street Soup Kitchen. They learn about the injustices against the poor and homeless and engage in discussion and prayerful reflection.
  • Kairos: Kairos is a four-day retreat. Kairos means “God’s time.” Kairos begins after school on Tuesday and ends early Friday evening. The team -- composed of students and faculty who have experienced a Kairos -- give several major talks during Kairos. There are activities to promote and build community, to foster trust and openness, and to encourage reflection. There is an additional fee for this retreat.  Kairos is offered four to five times throughout the school year.

Click here for the Google Drive folder of retreat applications and permissions slips. You can print the documents or go to "File -> Make a Copy" to fill out the application in Google docs.