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Baccalaureate Mass

Sunday, June 2, 2019


For a complete album of the Baccalaureate Mass, please click below:


Baccalaureate Luncheon

For a complete album of the Baccalaureate Luncheon, please click below:


The following students were recognized at the Baccalaureate Luncheon:

  • Abraham S. and Fannie B. Levey Award: Caitlin McCutcheon
  • Adam Worth Sherlock Memorial Award: Hannah Galeucia
  • Ahern Memorial Scholarship: Anna Caron
  • Amable A. Caron and Vivian Caron Scholarship: Jennifer Christensen, Aidan Thomas
  • American International Mathematics Examination -- Certificate of Achievement: Nora Zhou
  • Atlantic Federal Credit Union Scholarship: Nolan Doherty
  • Baccalaureate Speaker: Andrew Young
  • Carrol M. Rines Sportsperson of the Year Award: Annesley Black, Jack Mullen, Emma White
  • Cheverus High School Female Athlete of the Year Award: Sophia Pompeo
  • Cheverus High School Male Athlete of the Year Award: Teigan Lindstedt
  • Daughters of the American Revolution Award in American History: Michael Manetti
  • Jewish Community Alliance Recognition Award: Jeremy Baker
  • Fr. Joseph Devlin, S.J. Award: Julia Mount
  • Lyseth School McGarvey Scholarship: Cam Harris
  • Maine Athletics Administrators Association Scholar-Athlete Award: Annesley Black, Nolan Doherty
  • Mainely Character Scholarship: Richard Joyce
  • MELMAC Education Foundation Maine Principal's Scholarship: Nina Le
  • National Awards for Excellence in Music/Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Marcel Haley-Read
  • National Awards for Excellence in Music/John Phillips Sousa Band Award: Jennifer Christensen
  • National Merit Program -- Commended Students: Lawrence Bossong, Mary Jerome, Julia Mount
  • National Merit Finalist: Aidan Thomas
  • New England Mathematics League -- Superior Achievement: Lawrence Bossong, Dennis Kalloor, Aidan Thomas
  • Pierre A. Harnois Outstanding Athletes: Zoe Mazur, John Welch
  • Portland Youth Football Scholarship: Vick Morrone
  • Principal's Award: Arianna Arguedas, Jennifer Christensen, Michael Manetti, Julia Mount, Michael Nason
  • Rev. C. Martin O'Toole Scholarship: Mia Pothier
  • Rev. Philip C. Welch, S.J. Award: Bella Booth, Nolan, Doherty, Andrew DeGeorge, Rosie Train
  • Robert S. and Elizabeth E. Nanovic Scholarship: Mary Kate Earley, Tholia Hallet
  • Southern Maine Swim Officials Association Scholarship: Caroline Arpin
  • Stag Athletic Achievement Award: Hannah Galeucia, Michael Nason
  • St. Francis Xavier, S.J. Campus Ministry Award: Briley Bell, Richard Joyce, Julia Mount
  • US Military Academy at West Point -- Appointments: Annesley Black, Michael Manetti

The following scholarships and awards were recognized during the luncheon:

  • Harold Alfond Engineering Scholarship, Kenneth M. Curtis Scholarship: Teigan Lindstedt
  • Prudential Spirit of Community Award: Nina Le
  • Richard H. Pierce Memorial Scholarship: Andrew Young
  • National HIspanic Recognition Scholar: Lawrence Bossong, Michael Nason
  • President’s Volunteer Service Award, Gold Level: Nina Le
  • Kiwanis Book Scholarship: Lawrence Bossong
  • Long Island Fire Department Scholarship: Rosie Train
  • Holy Trinity Greek School Scholarship: Anastasia Kapothanasis
  • Long Island Parents’ Club Scholarship: Rosie Train
  • DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Good Citizen Award: Aidan Thomas
  • Island Institute, Sweet Scholarship: Rosie Train
  • U.S. Presidential Scholars: Lawrence Bossong, Anna Caron, Vipul Periwal
  • Amirault/Catholic Foundation of Maine: Richard Joyce
  • Marr Anderson Family Foundation: Andrew Young, Aidan Thomas
  • Burger King Scholars: Caroline Arpin, Alex Baur, Cameron Harris, Richard Joyce, Nina Le, Grace Parello, Rosie Train
  • Maine State Golf Association Scholarship: Thomas Higgins, Richard Joyce
  • Union St. Jean Baptiste Education Foundation: Joe LaBrecque
  • Catholic Financial Life Scholarship: Joe LaBrecque
  • Higgins Scholarship for Cumberland County Residents: Colten Dumond
  • AP Scholars:  Annesley Black, Mary Jerome, Dennis Kalloor, Julia Mount, Vipul Periwal, Emma White, Nora Zou
  • AP Scholars with Honor: Lawrence Bossong, Aidan Thomas
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awardee: Nina Le
  • Veterans Of Foreign Wars, Post And District Level: Voice of Democracy Audio Speech Contest: Michael Nason
  • Maine Principals’ Association, Principal's Award: Briley Bell
  • AXA Achievement Scholarship: Caroline Arpin