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For our new students and families, welcome to the Cheverus! 

As the start of the 2021-2022 school year draws near, do you have lots of questions? You are not alone. Read some of our most frequently asked questions about summer assignments, dress code, books, and athletics.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Assistant Principal for Academics Mrs. Kathryn Ray or Guidance Counselors Ms. Victoria Gower and Mr. Aaron Mooney.

Mrs. Kathryn Ray

Assistant Principal for Academics



Ms. Victoria Gower

Guidance Counselor

Mr. Aaron Mooney

Guidance Counselor


New Student FAQ

Do I have to wear a mask?

As we prepare to welcome students back to campus, we have made the following updates to our masking-policy:

Decisions regarding mask-wearing will be made on Sunday each week and announced in the weekly newsletter. If Cumberland County is in a "Substantial" or "High" rate of transmission on Sunday morning, then masks will be required inside our buildings for the entire following week. If the county is in "Low" or "Moderate" status, then masks will be recommended but not required for the week ahead. 

If during the week Cumberland County moves from a "Low" or "Moderate" status to a "Substantial" or "High" rate of transmission, then masks will be required from that point through the rest of the week. 

More information on the Cheverus COVID-19 Prevention Protocols for Students and Parents.

CDC COVID-19 county-level Data Tracker

I am a freshman, what supplies do I need for my classes?

The Ninth Grade Team members came up with a few suggestions for the 2nd day of school (Thursday, September 2, 2021). We would like for all of you to get your materials by this day of school. We will begin to get organized and teachers will go over how your binders will be labeled and set up. We will also go over our syllabus and class expectations on this day. 


You will need at least five 1 ½ inch. Binders for the following subjects: some classes such as Math, Science, Theology, History, and English can share a binder. Spanish and Art would like their own binder.


  • Math: binder (5 dividers), loose-leaf (lined) paper, graph paper, #2 pencils / mechanical pencils, highlighters.
  • Science: binder(5 dividers), loose-leaf (lined) paper, black or blue pen, #2 pencils / mechanical pencils, highlighters.
  • Theology: binder (5 dividers), loose-leaf (lined) paper, black or blue pen, #2 pencils / mechanical pencils, highlighters.
  • English: binder (5 dividers), loose-leaf (lined) paper, black or blue pen, #2 pencils / mechanical pencils, highlighters. 
  • History: binder (5 dividers), loose-leaf (lined) paper, black or blue pen, #2 pencils / mechanical pencils, highlighters.
  • Spanish: binder (3 dividers), loose-leaf (lined) paper, black or blue pen, #2 pencils / mechanical pencils, highlighters.
  • Art: binder (3 dividers), loose-leaf (lined) paper, a sketchbook, black or blue pen, #2 pencils / mechanical pencils, highlighters.

Are there summer assignments?

Yes, there are summer assignments as part of all English classes. Additionally, there is a school-wide Community Read. Details about these assignments will be shared at the end of June.


Are there opportunities to take a summer class?

Yes, there are classes offered in the summer. Click here for more information.


Are there tryouts for athletics?

Yes, preseason starts Monday, August 16th for fall athletics. Typically, most sports have double-sessions, which means a morning session and an afternoon session for the first week. This is considered the tryout period. 


Are athletes required to participate in the summer?

Athletes are not required to participate but strongly encouraged to come to as many sessions as possible. It is a great opportunity to meet your coaches and your peers before the school year begins. Also, you will have a better understanding of what preseason will entail. If you cannot attend you should email the coaches so that the lines of communication are opened.


How do we find out about the summer athletic opportunities? 

All summer information can be found on our website under “Athletics/Activities” and then “Summer Info for Teams.” Here is a quick link as well.


If you have any additional questions about athletics, please contact Mrs. Amy Ashley, Director of Athletics and Activities.


What do students wear for dress code? Where can dress code clothing be purchased?

All students must wear a black or navy blazer with the Cheverus crest sewn on the left chest, relaxed fit chino-khaki style pants, and a Cheverus oxford shirt (with a tie for young men). Oxford shirts can be purchased from Lands End or Initially Yours in Scarborough. There is no specific vendor for pants or blazers. For all details pertaining to our dress code requirements, please consult our Student Handbook.


What do students wear for shoes?

Only solid shades of brown, black, grey, and navy are permitted. Shoes must be closed-toe, closed-back, and closed sides with a distinct heel. Socks must be worn. More details about our footwear requirements can be found in our Student Handbook.

Do students bring lunch to school?

Some students bring their own lunches while others purchase lunch from the cafeteria. In order to purchase lunch, families must set up a MyKidsSpending account.

When do we find out about classes?

Students will receive an email in mid-June containing the courses they have been enrolled in for the next school year. Student schedules will be emailed to students in mid-August. If a student has a question about a particular course, please contact his/her School Counselor.


Who do we speak to about changing the course selection?

A two-week add/drop period at the beginning of the school year enables a student to fine-tune their academic program without a record on a student’s transcript. Without the express consent of the Assistant Principal for Academics, after the first Progress Report is released, a W or withdrawn will appear on the student’s transcript for a dropped course. Students with extenuating circumstances who would like to add a course in exchange for a dropped course after Quarter 1 Progress Reports may make an administrative appeal with the Assistant Principal for Academics.

For more information, please contact Assistant Principal for Academics Mrs. Kathryn Ray.

How do we order books? Are there used books available?

Textbooks can be purchased through our school’s site on the Cheverus Bookstore at MBS Direct. New and used textbooks are available. The books will be available to purchase mid-summer. 

Click, “Let’s get started”

Click 2021-2022 Academic year.  

Click on the arrow in the second menu bar, then select one of the subject areas listed -- for instance English. Next, using the third menu bar, select the specific class that your student will take, as listed on his/her schedule.  For example, for all incoming 9th graders, you would select English I.  

After you have uploaded the specific class in that subject area, click +add another course and return to the second menu and select the next subject area (Math, Science, etc) 

After you have selected each class in your student’s schedule, click View Your Materials to order specific books. 

Many families take advantage of the Used Books or Rental of books option, or purchase used books from an older Cheverus student if those same books will be used in the class in the coming academic year.  

**If the purchase of books creates a financial hardship for your family, kindly contact your guidance counselor to explore other options.


What technology should students bring to school?

All students are required to have a laptop for school use. Students should bring their device to school each day fully charged. More information about laptop specifications and recommendations can be found here. Be sure to order your device earlier in the summer to ensure that you have your device for the start of the school year. 

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