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New Daily Schedule Announced

April 27, 2017
By Jane Glass

Last spring, a committee began meeting to discuss revisions to the Cheverus daily schedule.  The committee focused on potential alterations to our daily class schedule keeping in mind the varying, complex and, at times, seemingly contradictory wants and needs of our community.  The committee agreed that any changes should reflect the Cheverus mission statement, the Jesuit profile of the graduate at graduation, and current graduation and college admissions requirements

The committee surveyed students, faculty and parents to identify additional goals for a new or revised schedule which revealed the need for community time, scheduling flexibility, and opportunity for faculty collaboration.  After reviewing numerous options, the committee presented models to the administration and faculty.  After faculty review and input, the following schedule was selected.

Daily Schedule -- 2017-2018

The new daily schedule includes an extended period for each subject and a community period two days a week.  Extended periods for every class will meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The community period is intended for special events, co-curricular activities, class gatherings, etc. This is a Monday through Friday schedule with rotation (i.e. classes meet at different times on different days). The days will no longer be labeled ABCDE. The length of the school day remains the same, beginning at 7:50 am and ending at 2:20 pm.