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Mary King Recognized for Service to Cheverus

June 03, 2017
By Bethany Hanley

Each year since 2005, the Fr. Joseph P. Duffy S.J. Award has been given to one member of our faculty and staff "in recognition of his/her dedication to teaching and his/her support of Cheverus High School students." Ed Haley, chair of our board of trustees, presented the award to Theology teacher Mary King, this year's honoree,  at a ceremony last week.  

Ms. King was nominated by past Duffy Award winners, and in their nominations they shared the following:

She is an innovative and passionate classroom teacher. 

She is hard-working, thoughtful, creative and always looking for new ideas to engage her students and the community at large.

Years ago she went to Haiti with her church. She came home inspired to try and educate our community about the systems and structures that perpetuate the poverty in Haiti and in our world. She continues to inspire the community in creative ways to confront injustice.

An initiator of the Ignatian Carbon Challenge and the reason we participate in the Ignatian Family Teach-In, she is also the creator of the immigration immersion program and so many other initiatives and  programs. I nominate her with enthusiasm and gratefulness for being her colleague.

Cheverus also celebrated many faculty and staff members who reached milestones from five - 40 years of service -- in total these milestones represent over 250 years of service to Cheverus. 

5 Years of Service: 
David Allie
Laura Cholod
10 Years of Service:
Keith Anctil 
Maggi Berry
Victoria Caron 
Rodger Cilley 
José Peralta 
Valerie Webster
15 Years of Service:
Pat Driscoll 
Betty Dudley
Chris Humphrey 
Fernanda Darrow 
20 Years of Service:
Jane Glass 
Dan LaVallee
Theresa Quinn 
25 Years of Service:
Steve Dalvet 
40 Years of Service:
Mark Smith

See Facebook for more photos of the event.