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Cheverus strives to create an environment where there is a unity of body, mind, and spirit. Cura Personalis, or care of the person, is a core value of Jesuit institutions. Recognizing this principle, Cheverus understands that in addition to instilling a rich intellectual curiosity in our students, we are called to care for their personal development. 



Never Too Cold to Surf

February 05, 2021
By Cheverus Wellness Team

One of the principles of Ignatian Spirituality is cura personalis, or care of the person. Care of the self is integral to the desire to practice cura personalis. This year, we have all been stretched in unimaginable ways. It has been difficult for some to find ways to relieve stress, stay healthy, build strong relationships, and create community.

Through the end of the year, we will be featuring members of our Cheverus community and the ways in which they find balance, stay fit, grow spiritually, decompress, create, and connect. We hope to inspire other members of our community to try something new or connect over a shared interest.

Today we feature Ms. Lorraine Aromando, a member of the English, Computer Science and Art departments. Ms. Aromando is an all-season surfer. She and her husband have been surfing together for over 25 years. “It has been a fantastic way to exercise all year round. While it is cold in the winter, we can usually last between one and two hours -- typically going out first thing in the morning when there is less wind and the water is glassy,” she said. These photos are from last Sunday, when the air temperature was in the single digits! In addition, Ms. Aromando and her husband also enjoy getting out in the fresh air to walk their three dogs two to four miles a day.

At Cheverus, we educate, care for, and celebrate the whole person. #CheverusWellness



Virtual Calming Room

The Cheverus Virtual Calming Room was designed for students and families to find strategies and tools for managing emotions and feelings. We know this school year has been challenging. We are here to remind you to breathe and check-in when you need help. We are here to support you!

-- Ms. Gower and Ms. Webster, Cheverus School Counselors

This year, against the backdrop of the global pandemic, the Guidance Office created a new initiative called Wellness Wednesday. Our first Wellness Wednesday was December 9. Students had the opportunity to try their hand at knitting, student-led yoga, and painting. In addition, there were strength and conditioning sessions, open gym, and a chance for small groups to run and walk outside. It was a successful day, and we look forward to more Wellness Wednesday in the New Year!


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