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Gifts to the Cheverus endowment are an investment in the long-term financial health of the School. The principal is invested for growth to serve future generations of students, while annual income from the endowment is used to fund all aspects of the Cheverus experience.


Our commitment to financial aid arises from our Jesuit, Catholic mission - a belief in the power of education and a desire to increase accessibility and create an inclusive student body resembling the world into which students will graduate. Endowed scholarship funds enable deserving students from all backgrounds to attend Cheverus.

Faculty and Program Enrichment

At the heart of the Cheverus experience are our educators. Cheverus strives to attract and retain the most qualified and dedicated teachers, coaches, and mentors to guide our students. Endowed funds enable the school to award teaching excellence, offer competitive salaries, and support professional development and teaching innovation. Endowed funds also enrich programs that are integral to our core mission such as ministry, academic support, cultural immersion trips, and library resources. 

A new scholarship fund at Cheverus may be endowed with a gift of $25,000. Gifts of any amount may be added to existing scholarships. For more information about supporting the Cheverus endowment, contact Elizabeth Woodcock, Leadership Gifts Officer, at (207) 774-6238 ext. 183.


For Cheverus Families:

Requests for new or additional tuition assistance require the completion of a new or revised FACTs application form found here: 

FACTs Tuition Assistance Application

Applications are reviewed by the Tuition Assistance Committee.